Signed print books and GRL pre-sale

Hi all,
Right now I'm taking orders for print books. I have a few Crazy from the Heat currently in stock but otherwise I have nothing. The buy links will include GRL specific with no shipping. This is for people going to the San Diego GRL in October 2015. I am a featured author this year and will have books at a table in the dealer room but to make sure you have one guaranteed you should order it in advance because I'm probably only bringing like five copies of each title. And since a great many of you who might be reading this won't be going to GRL I am offering two options for shipping. One is inside the US and the second is international. It's a rough estimate based on other books of that size that I've shipped. I know it's expensive but well, it's expensive to ship outside the US.
Shipping will be in late August. And again in late September. I have to order the books from the printer and that takes time to print and ship to me.
Payment is through paypal. Buy link will have options. All books will be signed. :-D
If new books become available I will add links later.

In from the Cold

Behind Iron Lace


Beyond Complicated



Let it Go



Six Ways from Sunday






Offside Chance



Two Point Conversion



Crazy from the Heat



Shift In Time



Light from the Dark pre-sale


Moon is scheduled to revert back to me in September. I can't reveal the new cover for the re-release until the book is mine once again. However, Moon will be available again on October 1st. This is a pre-order for GRL only. I'll open up shipping options in October. Again, this is not the current publisher print version. If you'd like that one it is on sale at Pride Publishing or on Amazon.

Under A Crescent Moon

Beg for Mercy has moved

I have moved blog.

See previous post as to the whys and wherefores of the situation. 

I uprooted after four years and went over

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at the new place.


Blogger sent me a warning

Due to policy change my content is no longer allowed. If I don't comply by March 23rd, my blog will be made not public. Since they don't specify exactly what content they find offensive I'm removing everything except my book covers with links to my website.

It's been a wonderful four years. I'm sorry it had to end this way.

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