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I didn't think you'd mind a little Monday pick me up.



Book release news

I thought I'd update you on what's going on with me and writing and stuffs. 
First let's talk about the scrimmage series and what to expect with it.

Sunday Schooled is nearing the 60,000 word mark which isn't even the halfway point. I've decided to take my time with it and release it later this year. At this moment Sunday Schooled is scheduled to be my last book of 2015 and the last Scrimmage book. 

SS is more of a retelling of the entire series from Bo and Dylan's POV than a direct sequel to Offside Chance. It's a story I felt I needed to tell for my own...well, I needed to fill in the blanks and that meant I needed to explore everything I'd set forth in book two and three from Bo and Dylan's POV...and I needed to explore Bo and Levi's relationship so that I could finish the story correctly. 

And in the process of all of this I realized that I couldn't release SS as a direct sequel. So it's going to be a stand alone companion novel to the series instead. This way people who do not want to further explore details that they object to won't have to. And those that wanted a deeper look into Bo and Dylan's world will have that.

Last Man Standing: I'm going to have to write that one. The plan is a short story to introduce a character that's needed to finish the story. LMS will not finish or even touch on the plot left hanging from Offside Chance.

Which means, there will be a third final Scrimmage book. While writing Sunday Schooled I've had to fight to keep Levi's POV out of the story. And I realized that the story left to tell from Offside Chance is Levi's and Jude's. So... Off Center was born. OC the 2nd will be the direct sequel to OC the 1st, with LMS as a filler novella between.
Clear as mud? Yeah me neither.

But at any rate none of those books are even close to being a reality. I've scheduled them for September and October release (maybe).

And now about what's coming up first this year.

Light from the Dark.

Well, LftD was supposed to be an estimated 60,000 word short novel along the lines of In from the Cold and Crazy from the Heat. IftC is 46,000 words and CftH is 56,000 words.....I'd planned to release it on Fat Tuesday (Feb 17th for those who don't know). I'm not going to make that date.

Noooo, LftD had to get complicated. It couldn't be simple and easy to write. Noooo! As of today, January 25th, LftD is sitting at 67,000 words. Which would be fine, except the ending is nowhere in sight. I have at least 3 possibly 4 more chapters left to write. And I tend to write longer chapters, around 5,000 words each. So the estimate word count is going to be 82 to 87,000 words. I have another 15 to 20,000 words left to write. So another week at least. Which takes me into February. No way I can have this edited and ready to go by the 17th. I haven't even hired an editor yet.

But it is coming next month. 
I hope.
Because I'm at the walk into walls stage of story creation. I eat, sleep, and dream this damned story. Every waking minute is focused on this damned story.

I need it done. 

But there it is. Firsts and lasts. There are things in between that will be in flux as the year moves along.

Depending on my sanity.


Full frontal Friday....or something like that. Very NSFW

Friday is here at last. January is almost over. How did that happen?

Book update. I'm not finished with Light from the Dark. Almost. I'm going to go media dark for the next three days to try and knock out the last four chapters. So today is going to be loaded....well not loaded, loaded because I get bitched at about my dislike of condoms...Could go there...keeping it classy.... ha... It's been a long time since I posted anything full on...penetrative.

That's all the warning you're getting. Note to self go put the dirty blog warning back up....yeah, yeah, I am not apologizing, I just have people who follow me that weren't around back when I let it all hang out.....okay it's now full on corny entendre run amok let's just get to it shall we.....that's what he said....

Hoping to see you after "the end".

Hope that holds you through the weekend. 
Have a happy.